Metal Detectors, Gold Detectors and Treasure Detectors

We offer powerful metal detectors, gold detectors and treasure detectors as well as long range gold detectors for treasure hunters and archaeologists. We offer OKM metal detectors and metal detector accessories which are made in Germany.

If you have questions of any kind or need some more information about our metal detector products, feel free to contact us.

"Black Hawk" Metal Detector

The Black Hawk metal detector is designed for treasure hunters and gold prospectors.

This pulse induction metal detector is used to find small valuable objects like gold nuggets, rings and coins.


Undercover Metal Detector "Rover UC"

The Rover UC metal detector is disguised as a walking stick, so you can search for treasures under cover.

This 3d ground scanner is controlled by an Android Smart Phone. Take your scan, see your graphic and find your treasure.


Long Range Gold Detector "Bionic X4"

The Bionic X4 is a long range gold detector to locate hidden or burried gold artifacts at far distances.

Combined with an Android Smart Phone it is even capable to visually detect gold objects and determine its exact position in the field.


3D Ground Scanner "Evolution"

The Evolution ground scanner is a 3d metal detector especially developed for starters in the field of 3d metal detection.

It is a smart combination of a VLF metal detector and an EMSR ground scanner, operated by an OLED touchscreen.


3D Ground Scanner "Rover C II"

The 3d ground scanner Rover C II is a very reliable treasure and cavity detector.

Due to the integrated geo-electric it is also able to detect underground cavities, tunnels and rooms.


3D Earth Imager "eXp 5000"

The 3d earth imager eXp 5000 is at the top of the line of OKM metal detectors. See buried treasures within the video eye-glasses.

Select from 3 specialized editions: basic, gold and professional.


3D Earth Imager "eXp 4000"

The 3d earth imager eXp 4000 is available in 3 specialized editions: basic, gold and professional.

See the underground artifacts and cavities mapped onto the mini color monitor. Perfect and easy to use for many treasure hunters.


3D Ground Scanner "Rover C"

The 3d ground scanner Rover C is a simple and easy to use metal detector for treasure detection.

It can be used to detect buried metal artifacts under the ground.


3D Metal Detector "Rover Deluxe"

The 3d metal detector Rover Deluxe combines a 3d ground scanner with a VLF metal detector in one device.

So the Rover Deluxe is not only able to detect deep buried artifacts but also discriminates between different kind of metals.


Long Range Gold Detector "Bionic 01"

The Bionic 01 long range gold detector is capable to locate buried gold artifacts at far distances.

Using the ionic and bionic operating mode you will easily detect gold and silver objects under the ground.


3D Multi-Scanner "Future I-160"

The Future I-160 metal detector is a multi-sensor ground scanner. It has been developed for some industrial purposes like pipeline detection.

This robust and reliable 3d ground scanner has the highest scan resolution available.


Cavity Detector "Cavefinder"

The Cavefinder is a geo-electrical instrument to detect hidden cavities, tunnels, chambers, rooms and tombs.

The device will do most of the scanning work by itself without any user interaction.


Water Detector "Waterfinder"

The Waterfinder is a water detection equipment to search for hidden water deposits in arid areas.

The Waterfinder is based on a geo-electrical measurement method and very useful for any kind of underground water detection.


Seismic Detector "FS-Reflexion"

FS-Reflexion is a seismic detector for locating underground tunnels, caves and chambers.

By responding to waves sent into the ground you will find hidden cavities.


Thermal Detector "FS-Thermoscan"

FS-Thermoscan will find underground caves, tunnels and chambers by measuring differences in temperatures.

It can be used as a stand-alone detector with analog display or you can connect it to either eXp 4000 or eXp 5000.


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